About Us

Tonant farmers are shaped with agricultural graduates and well- established farmers who aspire to produce genuine natural products such as Red chilli powder/ Mirchi Powder, Spices, Pulses and Natural Tea. We are bounded to being reliable and groundbreaking workers who want to provide pesticides free products that will help our generations to grow healthier and smarter. Our team uses an advanced course of treatment and diverse methods to preserve the natural products for highest quality, organic, and purity. Our goal is to balance the mother nature and all beings, create a world with environmentally conscious and share social responsibility.
Our mission is to imply the significance of natural products, sustainable management of resources and that supports the food cycle chain.
Our vision is to create an awareness of health-conscious, take our natural products globally, and develop a connection between consumers and farmers.
  • To produce quality goods
  • To enrich our methods
  • To service our nature
Sustainability refers to meeting the needs of present generations of people without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. In doing so, Public Participation makes a major step, taking into account shielding the environment, manage adaptively by planning, monitoring, reviewing and changing into action.